Coach Mikki St.Germain
Courage doesn't come from your comfort zone...
It comes from deciding to take a risk
 when no one else will!Coach Mikki
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Coaching Football is My Love..
Making a Difference IS My Passion! - Coach Mikki 
Our Goal is to save a 1,000 youth athlete’s lives in the 2018!

Complete Coverage Football Founder - Coach Mikki St.Germain has been a football coach for over 10 years and a head coach for the past four. Whether her season is a 0-8 or 10-3 with a Super Bowl Win, She cares about each and every one of her players. Her philosophy of coaching is to build strong players as a team and individuals. Over the years she has worked with kids on and off the field. She takes each and every player under her wing as if they were her own son. 

After hearing about Sophomore Ben Johnson of Fleming Florida, dying from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, It hit home as a coach and even more so as a Mom. Coach Mikki - “I actually broke down and cried for the family. My son is the same age and plays the same sport. I could not imagine the emotional pain the Johnson family suffered. As a Coach it is my responsibility to take care of my guys while on the field. I am certified through USA Football to understand and know how to react in the event of SCA. However, I would NEVER want this to happen on my watch when I can take one more step to prevent it”

Complete Coverage Football, has set a goal for the 2018 football season to screen 1,000 athlete’s for SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) This aggressive goal is to help families who would never know if it is their child that may suffer from this silent killer. Having the knowledge your child may have a heart problem, can hopefully prevent this tragic event from happening in the future.  

Complete Coverage Football will be holding events all year to screen young athletes for SCA. While we are aware that screening can be costly for families, Coach Mikki is raising funds through sponsorship in order to offer this event for the community.  

Kicking off Our First Event – “Heart of the Team” – February 11th, 2018
We are thrilled to be at the Dana Hills High School Field for our first event!! 
 We will offer to screen for 200 football players between the ages of 12-17. 

Our event will also offer a football clinic for the screened players. They will receive a fun day of drills and coaching from College Coaches and a few NFL Pros.  
Kicking Off at Dana Hills High School 
February 11, 2018!
Heart of the Team - Event February 11, 2018