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Courage doesn't come from your comfort zone...
It comes from deciding to take a risk
 when no one else will!- Coach Mikki
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Cold Hands - Warm Hearts
Cold Hands - Warm Hearts is a non-profit organization that gives, Mittens, Hats, Scarves, Hot Cocoa and Coats to children all around the world that live in cold climates. 
We collect all year round. We begin to contact shelters and schools for children in need of these items in October.
​If you have a location that is need of our help, please contact us.
(949) 388-1161

Thanks to your past support, we have been able to help children in Atlanta Georgia, Queens New York, Moscow Russia, Anchorage Alaska along with others. 
The Kellsie's Hope Foundation
Kellsie’s Hope was started by Kellsie Marchbanks during her second round of cancer treatment. After her passing in June 2011 of Osteosarcoma, the Marchbanks family formed Kellsie’s Hope Foundation Inc, to celebrate the life of this remarkable young woman and to continue the work she started from her hospital bed. Kellsie’s Hope Foundation Inc, mission is to lighten the load of families that have children suffering from cancer by offering support for trips, and gifts that might otherwise be unattainable to a child with cancer. 

Kellsie’s foundation is also dedicated to raising funds to support research into childhood cancers such as hers and supporting the nursing field with a nursing scholarship each year. Corporations and individuals making donations to Kellsie’s Hope Foundation can be assured that their donations will help to make a child with cancer life a little easier
 and to support the goal of putting an end to childhood cancer
Hand in Hand - One by One - Kind Words CAN Make a Difference!! 
Circles of is an non- profit organization designed to surround kids around the globe so they may embraces their own Happiness, Uniqueness and Genuine selves or (HUG) through the power of a kind word. 
My personal journey of emotional growth has become my passion and quest to enlighten and inspire kids of all ages, all colors, all cultures and all walks of life. Offering one kind word can remind a person that they are worthy and stronger than what they believe.

I created Circles of Good as a non-profit organization to reach out to kids across the globe. My intention is to help young people capture their Worth, Strength, & Build Self -Esteem!  
Circles of believes it is not about your size, race, culture,, it is about believing in yourself that creates Happiness!!

What a wonderful world, if all the Bullying is stopped, All the Judgement ended, opinions didn’t matter and negative words ricocheted off of us. Circles of is about surrounding each and every one of us with positive words.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
 do more and become more, you are a leader.”
– John Quincy Adams
Circles of Good
  Who's Got 6?
Who's Got 6? is one of my favorite ways to give back to the community. 
It is so dear to my heart! With 9 years of coaching Youth Tackle Football, I have seen what team sports can do for many young athletes. Being part of something bigger than yourself and offering your best is the greatest experience anyone can have. 

Unfortunately,I have seen many young athletes struggle financially to help pay for registration and other needs to play a sport.  While many of the youth football programs have offered scholarships for these young athlete's, there is only a certain amount they can do alone.

​No child should ever not be able to play a sport because of their financial situation.  
I founded Who's Got 6? to offer kids the chance to play football without the families struggling financially. 

100% of ALL DONATIONS go to the youth football program to help pay for player registrations, new equipment, Uniform, Cleats, Mouth Guards and other misc that a player may need for the season. 
Surrounding YOU with the Positive!!
"A coaches responsibility is to offer positive, inspiring words for each player to believe in themselves" 
Head Coach Mikki -SOC Patriot - Division & Super Bowl Winner 2015 !