Coach Mikki St.Germain
Courage doesn't come from your comfort zone...
It comes from deciding to take a risk
 when no one else will!Coach Mikki
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Mikki is a kind, warm, generous person.
Her intelligent, insightful advice and honest assessment of a situation make her an extraordinary life coach. She is a person who knows how to set and accomplish goals. I am grateful for all she has done for me, and honored to call her my friend..
.Karla, (Scottsdale, AZ)

Mikki has an amazing ability to diagnose and help folks move toward their best happiness. She has an amazing disposition and it rubs off on everyone around her with just the best possible. If you are lucky enough to come across Mikki, you have found a positive and very talented person in your life. Just try to give back what you can, and Mikki will drastically improve the quality of your life. You can thank me later."- Kevin- Newport Beach, CA
Mikki, thank you for everything. Keep up the great work and may God always bless you. You are a light to peoples heart . You empower the lives of others...Billy Blanks, Creator of Taebo®
Mikki has definitely found her niche in the fitness and wellness industry. Not only is she a highly skills martial artist, but she's passionate and knowledgeable about her craft and about helping other people reach their potential." 
Michael Kushner, (Founding and Senior Partner, The Kushner Law Firm, PC)

Mikki is one of the most inspirational people I know. A brief word from her sets up my day for success. Imagine what it would be to have an intense working relationship with her. Being in her presence, you cannot help but be infused with the desire to act on inspired ideas that flow to you. She's got the Right Stuff!
..John Rainey, (Owner, Rainey Script Consulting & Rainey Day Productions)
“Mikki’s book ‘Got Baggage’ is THE written guide for all of us to reflect on our emotional & physical baggage; she’s an inspiration of the century”  
  Terry James Hawke, Radio Presenter/Producer for Harborough FM (UK)
Your words and kindness are both already an inspiration to me, but I absolutely love your style in writing. It's like the wisdom of Deepak Chopra, but in the comfort of coffee with a friend, easier to comprehend and relate to.
 - Becky Warren, GA

"Mikki, You do more than motivate and inspire, You TRANSFORMED ME! - Christine, Stillwater, MN