Coach Mikki St.Germain
Courage doesn't come from your comfort zone...
It comes from deciding to take a risk
 when no one else will!Coach Mikki
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It's takes approximately 6 seconds from the time the center snaps the ball to the quarterback, and he then executes the play to his running back or receivers. Within this 6 seconds every guard, tackle, tight end has to do his job for the play to work. 6 seconds of team work, 6 seconds of making a choice as an individual to dig down deep and give it all you've got. 

My 2015 - SOC Patriots - Midget Division adopted WHO'S GOT 6? as our motto and battle cry. 
Many times my guys were hurt, tired, and at times unsure if they had it in them or not for one more play. I would yell WHO's GOT 6? and without hesitation from our huddles, the sideline and the field  my guys would yell back I'VE GOT 6! 

This lifted up the team, it lifted up the sidelines, and It lifted up me. I knew without a shadow of doubt, no matter how the play went, they would give it everything they had both physically and emotionally. 

While winning games is great as a coach, the true reward comes from watching my guys begin as strangers and finish the season as brothers! Not just a football team, but as a team built on friendship, support and brotherhood.  I heard stories of my guys sticking up for team mates at school who were  being bullied. I watched my guys help each other on and off the field. 

My job as a coach goes far beyond offense and defense on the field. It is my job to understand each and everyone of my players as individuals.  Over the years I had kids who we fed before practice, because they didn't have food to eat. Between my assistant coaches and I, we chipped in to buy cleats, practice pants, mouth pieces, first aid kits, and anything else for these guys to have a safe and fun season.  While we were able to supply scholarships to some players, it always saddened me to find out there was some friend of a player who wanted to play but couldn't afford it. 

That is when Who's Got 6 ? Not only became our motto, it also became our promise. A promise to find a way to help each and every child, regardless of financial situation. To give them a chance to do something they football!! 

100% of the proceeds go to a Youth Football program. 1st as a scholarship for any one who wants to play. Then as the season progresses, other funds are for supplies, and other needs to keep that youth program going for future teams. 

In light of Who"s Got 6? - I am asking for a donation of any where from $6.00 to $6,000 or any amount with a 6 in it! 

We will add you to our  Who"s Got 6? - TEAM Roster on this page! 

I am Grateful for Your Generosity!!

Coach Mikki  
Head Coach - SOC Patriots - 2015 Midget Division
Super Bowl Champions - Division Champions
Head Coach All Conference